Helicopter Patches

HS-9 Sea Griffins on Ship a Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron HSS-1 “Seabat” ,Isaf Afghanistan Canadian Helicopter Crew Tag. Roto 7 Kandahar Airbase,HSL-47 SABREHAWKS SH-60B LAST RIDE WESTPAC 2008 NAVY HELICOPTER SQUADRON PATCH,2031_ Patch_ Vietnam war_ USAF Air Rescue & Recovery Helicopter BUFF JOLLY GREEN,1392_195th Assault Helicopter Company – Sky Chiefs The 195th Aviation Comp,VIETNAM WAR HAND SEWN PATCH US 117th ASSAULT HELICOPTER COMPANY,2002_ Patch_ 227th AHB _ CHARLIE COMPANY_ First team_ Assault Helicopter BN,US Naval Aviation Patches Vol 2 Collector Guide - Aircraft, Attack ,68th Attack Helicopter Company The Royal Coachmen Patch,134th Attack Helicopter Company Demons Pocket Patch,213th Assault Support Helicopter Company Patch,HSL-49 SCORPIONS DET 3 UNKNOWNS 11 NAVY SIKORSKY HELICOPTER SQUADRON PATCH SET,The Helicopter Gunships Of Vietnam-ACH-47, AH-1. and UH-1 B, C,US Navy Patches & Flight Jacket Book with Emblem Patch military Helicopter Unit,PATCH _ 501st Aviation, 101st AIRBORNE, HELICOPTER RATTLERS, Vietnam War,Vietnam War Patch US 282nd Assault Helicopter Company BLACK CATS ,Vietnam War Patch US 283rd Medical Detachment Helicopter Ambulance DUSTOFF,US 82nd Medical Detachment Helicopter Ambulance DUSTOFF - Vietnam War Patch,USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Coast Guard Semper Raratus Patch,AZ Arizona Phoenix Police-Fire Firebird Rescue Team Blue Helicopter Patch,Connecticut State Police Aviation Helicopter Airplane Patch,Phoenix Fire-Police Firebird Rescue Team Patch Helicopter Rappel Mountain Rescue,USCG Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod HH-60 Jayhawk Bird Helicopter Patch,Swiss Police 2008 World Economic Forum DAVOS Air Support Helicopter Patch,